CRMC Online is a 6+ hour interactive education taught live and in person by supermodel and super teacher Coco Rocha.  The classes are not pre-recorded, you will be learning face to face with Coco and she will be watching and mentoring you live through the internet.  CRMC Online is the official introduction to "Coco Rocha Model Camp" which is Coco's multi-day immersive camp in New York.  As an added bonus: Anyone who books CRMC Online is also eligible to have 50% of the $350 fee they paid for the Online class discounted from their total amount of booking the New York camp, if they are approved in future!


Hundreds of models all around the world have received personal training from Coco using CRMC Online in a way that has completely revolutionized how they think of their own modeling careers. All participants left with valuable new insights, modeling skills and individual advice from Coco on what they can and should be doing to further their career. Each class is limited to less than 30 pupils, first come, first serve. Below are the date and direct links to register for the class of your choice. These spots will not last long and these are the last of the year, if you find they are sold out, please email us at to be put on a waiting list for  2021 dates:


CRMC ONLINE - Sunday, April 16th, 2023

12:30 - 6:30pm EST



CRMC ONLINE - Sunday, June 4th, 2023

12:30 - 6:30pm EST




What is taught at CRMC Online?

The class is broken into two parts. After a brief introduction with Coco and your classmates you'll jump right into Coco's famous pose class - they don't call her the "Queen Of Pose" for nothing! Coco has a method for passing on her skills to models that has changed the way hundreds of models around the world are working. Even models with years of experience have noticed how much their methods change once they learn from Coco. As you train with Coco she will be working directly with you and your classmates -  you can see her and she can see you as you fine tune your skills.


After a 3 hour pose class there is a 15 minute break followed by a 3 hour discussion on a number of topics ranging from agencies, to contracts, to branding to social media and beyond. Please come prepared with personal questions as you will be able to ask them in person in the classroom setting and get open and honest answers from both Coco and her husband and longtime manager James Conran. Having seen it all, been trail blazers for more than a decade and now as agency owners themselves, they have a unique insight into the business that is found and shared nowhere else.


How much is CRMC Online?

The price of CRMC Online is $350 for the full day of education. The fee is paid up front during self registration process and can be paid via PayPal or credit card. There are no refunds but as mentioned, but half the amount you pay for CRMC Online may be discounted from CRMC New York if you book that in future!"


Who can join CRMC Online?

Any model, of any gender, over the age of 15 can join CRMC online. There are no prerequisites of experience level at this time. If you are underage we do recommend you have a chaperone around also. It should be noted that anyone who acts or does anything Coco or the moderators view as inappropriate can be removed from the online class with no refund.


What do I need for CRMC Online?

Other than registering through the link provided below you will need a laptop (preferred) or tablet or phone and good wifi signal. Once you have registered you should download the FREE version of "Zoom" (blue icon with a white camera) and get a free account. You should set yourself up for your class in a part of your house that is quiet and with good lighting. It's recommended you set your device a few feet away from you so Coco can fully see you as she is tutoring you. Wireless headphones are ideal, but if you don't have them that's fine also. You should wear workout gear and have a bottle of water nearby.


Don't miss this limited opportunity to invest in yourself!