“What has always intrigued me the most about modeling is that there are some who can make an image better rather than just be a part of it. The best models are a part of the creative process, they are an artist themselves, and that’s how I’ve always seen Coco Rocha. Whether in print or on the runway, you feel something when you see Coco. Truly a master of pose, and that starts in her mind, in her understanding of imagery and fashion. Young models should feel empowered to see themselves as a creative, and to learn that through experiencing The Coco Rocha Model Camp is an incredible opportunity and priceless head start!"

- Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid)


The Coco Rocha Model Camp is a boutique master class for models taught by supermodel Coco Rocha. It is an elite education in both the practical and artistic sides of what is often viewed as complex and mysterious industry. Class sizes are purposefully kept extremely small so that Coco is able to tailor her education to each participant individually. As such the camp is equally beneficial for models starting out in the world of modeling as well as those who have had a number of years of experience. Each participant is hand selected by Coco Rocha herself and availability is extremely limited.

What you will learn

• Dynamic posing

• Photo movement

• The art of emoting

• Branding for models

• Social media content

• Signature runway walks

• Industry pitfalls to avoid

• Dealing with agencies

• Negotiating with clients

• Expectations vs. realities


After a mentored photoshoot with an internationally published New York photographer, beauty team and Coco, you will receive high quality beauty and editorial images for your portfolio.




Camp check in and orientation dinner followed by an introductory class, portfolio review and an honest discussion of  strengths and weaknesses.

Pose and runway classes with Coco followed by an open discussion on the industry, expectations vs. realties. Anonymous  questions submitted from all models will be answered with candor.



Seminars on social media, branding, agencies, contracts and the fashion industry. A mentored photo shoot with an internationally published photographer, glam squad and Coco herself will result in high quality fashion images for your portfolio.

Breakfast and check out.


CRMC NEW YORK is permanently located on a private 8 acre compound 60 miles north of New York City and is accessible via car or metro north train from Grand Central Station. You will be staying 3 nights in a beautiful Tudor estate, completely renovated with a large pool, nature trails and photo studio space. All your meals and drinks will be provided. We will also accommodate, for an additional cost, a chaperon for models between the ages of 14 and 17 who are approved to stay on site.


CRMC CANADA events are held on site at hotel venues in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. All education, food and drink is provided for each participant but overnight accommodations are not.  More details are to be made available if you choose to attend camp at one of these cities.



“Just think about this for a minute - You have the opportunity to learn from Coco Rocha. Meet her and tell her YOUR story.  And then to discover that she’s not only a super model, but also a SUPER mom, a SUPER wife, a SUPER entrepreneur, a SUPER friend and a SUPER role model. A person you can relate to. A person that just makes you feel comfortable the second you meet her.  She genuinely cares and will give you advicem career wise but also life wise. She is legit like AMA on Reddit only in real life, in front of you, sharing her secrets. And just to add that cherry on top of the cake - she has the best taste in music and will sing and dance and have a good time cuz she’s cool like that. Do I have to tell you more? I didn’t think so.”

-Andreea (@therealandreea)

"The Coco Rocha Model Camp has been, by far, one of the best investments I ever made. Models must continue to learn from this industry, and what better mentor than Coco, a real top model!"

- Ruz (@baby.ruz)

“I’m a firm believer that you must always invest in yourself, whether it be your career or your craft. I did just that when I attended Coco Rocha’s model camp. The Queen of Pose not only opened her arms to share her gift but also made sure we left knowing that we had grown. Grown into stronger, more confident women that can take on this industry with fearless unapologetic poise. Camp made me a better model, a better business woman with my brand and my walk, is dangerous hunny!”

- Laura Lee (@MissLauraLeeJ)

"Meeting Coco was such an honor. Not only was she an incredible teacher and mentor, but she is an amazing mother and someone I can call a friend. As a model who started a couple years ago, Coco taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and work the camera in ways I didn’t know I could. The greatest thing about camp is that you don’t just get one great mentor, but two. James (Coco's husband and manager) taught me the business side of the industry and his advice is something I will use for the rest of my career."

- Cassie (@CassieClaybaugh)

"From the beginning, it was evident that Coco had thought of everything in order to make CRMC the perfect experience for a model of any background or experience level. The accommodations exceeded all expectations: the property is gorgeous, the food was delicious, and I had a blast getting to know my roommates - we still stay in touch! Coco is incredibly attentive, genuine, and is a natural mentor in addition to being a talented businesswoman and supermodel. Coco provides many insightful tips and personal career advice that would benefit all models!"

- Alyssa (@alyssauro)

"I have no words to express how incredible and beneficial working with Coco was. Not only is she the Queen Of Pose, she miraculously balances multiple businesses with her family. Coco is genuinely kind, a one of a kind hostess. A strong woman who chooses to help the next generation of models - willingly sharing her secrets. I'm already implementing the personal tweaks that Coco zoned in on into my photography and form. The seminar sessions were replete with information. What Coco has created, from location to programming is second to none. Camp Coco is an absolute must for any model."

- Brooke (@brooke.j_17)

"This was the best experience I have ever had. I can not thank Coco and James enough for being the most genuine and humble people I've ever met. This camp exceeded anything I was expecting, I'm lost for words and my brain is fulled with all the knowledge I've learned in only 4 days. This truly felt like my first step into success. I feel like I just graduated from model college and now I'm off to apply all my knowledge to my career. Attending this camp was the best decision I've ever made."

- Jewel (@this.jewel)