"Over the last decade I've watched Coco Rocha set the bar for the next generation in both proficiency and skill in front of the camera and business acumen behind the scenes. As one of the great models of the new millennium she has also shown herself to be a woman who believes wholeheartedly in supporting and helping other women - her mentorship role at Coco Rocha Model Camp is a natural extension of that."

- Cindy Crawford, Supermodel & Entrepreneur. (@cindycrawford)


Over the last 15 years, Coco Rocha has had a dream career in modeling. She has walked the runway for every major designer and shot covers, editorials and campaigns for the world’s most influential magazines, brands and photographers. Named model of the year by both Elle Magazine and Marie Claire, she was also honored as one of the top 30 models of the decade by French Vogue. Despite her many accolades, Coco has always lived by the truth that success does not need to come at the cost of sacrificing core values or individuality.


Considered the world’s first digital supermodel, Coco defined what it means to be a model in the modern age. As one of the early adopters of social media in fashion, Coco’s presence on social media has gained her over 17 million followers worldwide. In 2013, Time magazine named Coco’s twitter account one of the 140 best twitter feeds. Using her considerable platform, Coco claimed her voice as a force for good and was instrumental in the passage of new laws protecting underage models in New York.


Fashion industry fans and contemporaries like Tyra Banks have nicknamed Coco the “Queen Of Pose” as she is known to be one of the most technically proficient and versatile models of the millennium. In 2014 she literally wrote the book on posing when she published a 2000 page encyclopedia named “Study Of Pose” with Harper Collins. The book has gone on to become an industry staple for aspiring and established models.

With a passion for educating younger models, Coco famously guest mentored models on “America’s Next Top Model” and starred in the television series “The Face” alongside Karolina Kurkova and Naomi Campbell. Though she was the youngest coach on the interactive competition show, Coco and her team had the overwhelming support of the public, commanding a staggering 70% of the popular vote. Coco also memorably mentored Kendall and Kylie Jenner on their show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and has privately taught many more of today’s biggest modeling stars their skills in front of the camera and in establishing their personal branding.


Now Coco is making her years of experience available to a new generation of models via The Coco Rocha Model Camp in New York State. The camp offers a unique and hands-on education by one of the few people in the world who has truly excelled in the industry on her own terms and can “talk the talk” as well as she can “walk the walk”. Students at any stage are taught to refine their posing and runway skills and to develop a strategic business plan.  Coco is on hand for the entire experience and available for open and honest discussion and feedback. Camp class sizes are kept extremely small to allow for personal attention and a truly boutique experience. Coco makes time for multiple camps a year timed around her own busy modeling schedule. Models leave the camp with a unique skill set and the knowledge and proficiency to help them navigate the complicated, challenging and often elusive road to becoming a successful international model.


“Coco Rocha is the premier model when it comes to pose and movement. She truly brings my clothes to life and always makes modeling seem far easier than it really is. She’s one of the most adventurous models out there, and thats why she’s often the first one I go to to test out new and different ideas. Coco is a model who breaks the stereotype, and here she is creating and pushing the boundaries in one thousand ways. I find that fabulous.”

- Jean Paul Gaultier, Designer (@jpgalutierofficial)

“When it comes to being the ultimate model, you need to have way more skills than just the perfect  look. Commanding the runway is a Coco speciality, owning the story of the garment and providing the vision of the Designer is a gift. She has the ability to adapt to the concept at hand and is the ultimate chameleon which is the art of a top ‘Super’ in this business. The ability to transform, be multi faceted and versatile is so key to being a successful model. Her translation of the editorial concepts we ask for at fashion and beauty shoots is a stylist and art director’s dream. Special, and absolutely spot on delivery every time. If Coco can pass on just a scintilla of her innate craft,  any student learning from her will have been instructed and inspired by one of the greats.”

- Avril Graham,  Fashion & Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar USA (@avril_graham)

"Coco Rocha, the first supermodel of the digital era, literally defined what it means to be a successful model in the 2000s. During her 15 years as a model at the top of her game she has developed her craft beyond even an expert level. Many in the industry would agree that she is the most technically capable and entrepreneurial models of the last 20 years. As the reigning 'Queen Of Pose'  I can think of no greater teacher for a new generation. As a woman, mother and friend, I know she is the perfect mentor for models looking to take their career to the next level."

- Christian Siriano, Designer (@csiriano)

"What has always intrigued me the most about modeling is that there are some who can make an image better rather than just be part of it. The best models are a part of the creative process, they are an artist themselves, and that's how I've always seen Coco Rocha. Whether  in print or on the runway, you feel something when you see Coco. Truly a master of pose, and that starts in her mind, in her understanding of the imagery and fashion. Young models should feel empowered to see themselves as a  creative, and to learn that through experiencing The Coco Rocha Model Camp is an incredible opportunity and priceless head start!"

- Gigi Hadid, Model & Entrepreneur (@gigihadid)

"Coco possesses that rare quality every super model needs to be a success, she can embody the moment and bring a character to life, rendering herself not only a model but a muse"

 - Jeremy Scott, Designer (@itsjeremyscott)

"Coco is a rare breed who has become an international Icon not because she was born perfect but because she breaks the mold at every opportunity inspiring photographers, designers and editors with every move. I had the pleasure of not only photographing Coco but working alongside her as she mentored a team of models, on the hit show “The Face”. She did that by understanding how to inspire each model and recognizing the specific strengths and weaknesses of the team. You really couldn’t get a better coach!"

- Nigel Barker, Photographer, Former Judge on 'America's Next Top Model' & Host on 'The Face'. (@nigelbarker)

"Since being discovered in her teens, Coco has navigated countless high fashion runways and editorials and established a name for herself. She’s not only an iconic model, but a businesswoman, a wife, a mother... all of this while remaining her genuine self! Modeling is not just glitz and glam of jet-setting and paychecks. It’s an industry where a lot of commitment and hard work are needed in order to launch and carry a career. In a way, you’re building each model or talent as a brand. Being confident in making prudent decisions and staying savvy with technology and other marketing skills are now more important than ever. I can’t think of anyone else more qualified to teach a new generation.”

 - Soo Joo Park, Model & DJ. (@soojmooj)

"There is no one like Coco Rocha. Coco’s knowledge of the industry goes way beyond great posing, she has always had an interest in all aspects of the fashion industry and her knowledge has already led many other young models to success. Coco has always stayed true to herself and that independent spirit led her to be a leader in the fashion industry. Coco is a dynamo!"

- James Kaliardos - Founder of Visionaire, Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur. (@JamesKaliardos)

"My time working with Coco Rocha was truly a formative experience, and one of my fondest memories.  It’s not often that an up-and-coming model gets the opportunity to learn from an icon.  Her style of posing is so uniquely hers and she has been wonderful enough to share it with the world— first with ‘Study of Pose’ and now with her modeling camp. Modeling is all about your ability to bring a clients vision to life: through a pose, an emotion, or an idea.  Above all else, Coco has taught me how to move with personality, and make performing seem effortless.  If you have the opportunity to work her, do it!  It will up your game and set you apart in an industry where being unique is everything."

- Margaux Brooke, Model & Actress. (@margauxbrooke)

"Coco is one of the rare models who walks the walk (in her case literally) and talks the talk. She is kind, overwhelmingly supportive and wants to change the modeling environment from dog eat dog to a place where women are treated fairly, become smarter and upend the traditional ideals of beauty. I respect her a business women, mentor and a dear friend."

- Rebecca Minkoff, Designer. (@rebeccaminkoff)

"Modeling has been as an amazing platform to express my individuality and further my career.  Coco is a true role model and continues to inspire and motivate myself and others within the industry. The model camp she has created gives all models the chance to learn the tools to be successful in this industry!"

 - Larsen Thompson, Model & Dancer. (@larsenthompson)

“Coco knows the ins and outs of this industry. She has not only mastered how to be your best in front of the camera, but also behind it from a business aspect, which is just as important in cultivating a long career.”

- Hilary Rhoda, Model. (@hilaryrhoda)

“Coco is an incredibly beautiful woman who is also extremely daring and adventurous not only in her career but in her approach to life. Coco is known both inside and outside of the fashion industry as a master of pose. In my opinion she’s one of the most professional and technically capable high-fashion models in the business today.”

- Steven Sebring, Photographer & Filmmaker. (@stevensebring)

“Ive known Coco for over 10 years and have been lucky to create beautiful images with her. Coco is one of the most professional and generous models, Her energy, variety of expression and poses are endless and play a vital roll to a successful photo shoot.”

- Max Abadian, Photographer (@maxabadian)

“Coco Rocha is a supermodel who is always willing to help other models and give business advice based on her experiences. She is full of joy and her energy is contagious. Everyone can learn from her, even if you don’t become a professional model.”

- Maye Musk, Model (@mayemusk)

"Coco’s knowledge of the industry is insightful and powerful. Not many people have had the ability to protect their personal stances while working in this profession, however Coco proves we can. Her ability to say ‘no’ to certain jobs can teach newcomers that you can help shape your career and that you do ‘have a voice’. As a model she knows her ‘angles’ and lighting like no over and can teach important tips and tricks of the trade.”

- Robyn Lawley, Model & Entrepreneur. (@RobynLawley)